Reignbow Art

Reignbow has been making art for all of her life, Digital art since 2007 and Graphic Designs since 2011. She has an opened mind in creativity and enjoys drawing various types themes from modern to all types of fantasy.
Growing up doing art and drawing, before she reached where she is at now, She found her self looking down on her drawings from time to time, but she never stopped going because of her genuine love for art! In earlier years, Reignbow drew a lot of fan art. Consistently posted her Bratz art on her old YouTube channel, and fan art of anime and Vocaloid on her Photobucket profile, Pixiv and DeviantArt. 

Continuing on Deviant Art, she slowly started to upload her work again and later created an art page for Instagram in 2020 drawing mainly original characters. At first, she held herself back due to being nervous to showcase her art once again with the fears of worrying about her work not being as good as she thought it could be, or not coming out the way she had imagined, but of course, she had overcome the fear and it turns out that she is happy and excited every time to finish a piece to share with you!